Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin Outlet Channels Project Virtual Open House

Welcome to Manitoba Infrastructure's virtual open house. Since we cannot be there in person, we want to use this platform to share information on the draft Environmental Management Plans for the Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin Outlet Channels Project and get your input. Please select from one of the following open houses:

Open House 1: Revegetation Management Plan, Aquatic Effects Monitoring Plan, Surface Water Management Plan, Groundwater Management Plan, Access Management Plan
Open House 2: Wildlife Monitoring Plan, Agricultural Biosecurity Management Plan, Sediment Management Plan, Ice Management Plan, Aquatic Offset Plan, Quarry Management Plan, Dust Control Plan, Decommissioning Plan and Environmental Protection Plan
Open House 3: Heritage Resources Protection Plan, Complaint Resolution Process, Wetland Compensation Plan, Red-Headed Woodpecker Habitat Mitigation Plan, Eastern Whip-Poor-Will Habitat Mitigation Plan

Enter the open house and look for the blue circles to start the tour. Click on the tents to learn more about an Environmental Management Plan, or by selecting the topic in the menu at the bottom of the page. Once inside the tents, look for circles on the floor in front of each information board. You can move through the tents, click on the boards to see an enlarged version, zoom in on the content and provide your feedback through questionnaires throughout the tour.

For more information or questions, visit or email

Let's get started!